Highway 101: Summerland will add a peak-period carpool lane in each direction for 1.7 miles. At the Evans Avenue Undercrossing, a new bridge segment will connect the freeway bridges and be accompanied by pedestrian, bike lane, and lighting improvements underneath Highway 101.  At the Sheffield Drive Interchange, new freeway bridges will be built along with new right hand on- and off-ramps on southbound Highway 101 and improved northbound on- and off-ramps. The on-ramp at Wallace Avenue will be replaced and a new retaining wall will be added to accommodate the wider freeway.  There are also two new sound walls.


The timeline is a reference tool to show planned improvements and key closures.

 The timing may change to accommodate modifications from the contractor, weather delays, and to improve construction.

 Construction will begin in fall 2020 and continue with landscaping throughout 2023. Highway 101 will have 2 lanes open in each direction during daytime construction. There will be nighttime closures with signed detours as needed. 

Highway 101: Summerland will add a peak-period carpool lane in each direction for 1.7 miles.

Greenwell Creek will be enhanced along with drainage improvements near the freeway. 

The Sheffield Drive Interchange will be reconfigured with two new bridges and new on- and off-ramps on the right-hand side of the freeway lanes. The bridges will have simplified arches with sandstone details under the structure and new landscaping by the intersection.

A new sound wall with clear panels on top to preserve ocean views will be added by the Ortega Hill Bike Path.

The Evans Avenue Undercrossing will be

upgraded with wider sidewalks, bike lanes,

lighting, and design elements.


Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara is a project undertaken by Caltrans and SBCAG in cooperation with local agencies to add a new carpool lane in each direction between Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. The project will improve bridges, interchanges, on- and off-ramps, and add sound walls.